Steorn begins Orbo test live stream

his morning Steorn began streaming a live test of an Orbo device on Twitch. The announcement on their Facebook page reads: This video stream shows an Orbo power cell in long term reliability testing. The test system comprises of an Orbo power cell that is being shorted through a relay at an approximate frequency of […]

Steorn stirs

I haven’t posted anything new here in over 5 weeks, because there’s been nothing new to report. Dead silence from Steorn, who have even stopped removing spam comments from their Facebook page. The closest thing to a new development is that Frank Acland of managed to coax a small continuous trickle of current out […]

Latest Steorn update moves goalposts

Monday morning Steorn sent the following e-mail to customers who had ordered an OCube: Dear Customer, First of all we would like to again thank you for your order and your interest in Orbo technology. We are contacting you to provide you with an update on the current situation with respect to product design, production […]

Acland’s Orbo tests are now 0 for 2

This will be a quick update because there have been very few developments lately. Almost none of them were positive. First, neither Rachel Wallace nor Jennifer Roe have provided any further “weekly” updates about the status of their OPhones. It seems that their phones have fallen within what is, according to Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy, […]