Choose your delusion

Prior to their recent failed demo, Steorn made a number of preparations that would seem to indicate complete confidence on their part that the demo would be a spectacular success. They readied a stunning and provocative demonstration space, called in the media, and were set to stream the event live over the web. They also […]

First glimpse of an Orbo

Amidst all the talk about Steorn’s spectacularly failed demonstration, it’s easy to overlook the most interesting new bit of information that did come out of all this — Steorn finally revealed what a working Orbo looks like. It appears that their press package for what they seem to have anticipated would be a successful media […]

Kinetica demo cancelled

After two days of delays and excuses, Steorn has canceled the planned 10 day demo of their Orbo free energy device that was to be held at the Kinetica museum in London. They’ve released the following statement: Further to Steorn’s announcement yesterday (5th July) regarding the technical difficulties experienced during the installation of its “Orbo” […]

Steorn demo delayed – again.

In a public relations catastrophe, Steorn has for the second day in a row failed to produce the working demo of Orbo that they’ve promised to the media and the world. Here’s their latest statement: We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the demo unit in London. Our initial assessment indicates that this is probably […]

Steorn reveals Orbo today

According to the front page of Steorn’s site: View the online demonstration here at 6pm Eastern Time (ET). The Irish Times is carrying an article about the demonstration. Excerpt below: While 22 scientists continue their exhaustive tests on the Orbo technology the inventors are asking the public to come and see a demonstration for themselves […]

What if?

As the long anticipated July demo of their Orbo free energy technology approaches, Steorn’s silence becomes deafening. CEO Sean McCarthy dropped by the company’s online forum only twice over the past month, leaving behind a few short posts conveying nothing of substance but a general sense of confidence (bordering on giddiness) about the impending demo. […]