Why the six week delay?

Back in mid-December, going by the videosĀ and Facebook posts they released, it appeared that Steorn had received all of the parts they needed to build and ship dozens, if not hundreds, of OCubes. Rows of assembled OCubes were shown, sitting on a desk, just waiting to be packaged and shipped. Shaun McCarthy even personally offered […]

Irish Times profiles Steorn

The Irish Times published a lengthy article about Steorn yesterday, featuring an interview with CEO Shaun McCarthy and accompanied by a seven minute video in which Shaun takes reporter Mark Hillard on a tour of Steorn’s facilities. The Irish Times piece is a trimmed down version of the full article, which was the cover story […]

OCube no longer sold out

Steorn has updated their Orbo.com online store, with the OCube no longer being marked as “sold out”. Instead, it is stated that “shipping is 6 weeks from payment”. For the OPhone, shipping is said to be 12 weeks from payment. Nothing else new on the Steorn front lately. I’m still awaiting arrival of my own […]