Acland’s Orbo tests are now 0 for 2

This will be a quick update because there have been very few developments lately. Almost none of them were positive. First, neither Rachel Wallace nor Jennifer Roe have provided any further “weekly” updates about the status of their OPhones. It seems that their phones have fallen within what is, according to Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy, […]

New delay for OCube shipments

This morning I received the following e-mail from Steorn: Hello, firstly we would like to apologize for the delay to shipping your ocube. As we are sure you can appreciate, bringing the ocube to production has been a huge task for us all and we are grateful for your support. We have shipped two ocubes and […]

First OCube delivery confirmed

Frank Acland of confirms today that he has received his Orbo OCube from Steorn. This is the first confirmed delivery of an OCube. As we’ve come to expect from Steorn, however, the delivery is not without a strange twist. Acland received an e-mail from Steorn alerting him that they realized, too late, that they’d […]

OCube about to start shipping?

Frank Acland of wrote yesterday that he’s received a tracking number from Steorn for his OCube shipment. He asked Steorn by e-mail about his OCube’s shipping status and was given a tracking number; when this number was entered into the courier’s tracking form, the sending and destination addresses were shown — meaning that the shipment information had […]