Steorn opens Orbo to developers

Today Steorn unveiled their updated web site, and there’s a lot that’s new. The video on the home page sums up the biggest news: Steorn is about to release Orbo, its claimed ‘free energy’ technology, to developers. They are calling for 300 qualified engineers to sign up for free, non-commercial development licenses. These engineers will […]

Next stop: February

On December 17th, Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy did give a lecture and take questions at the Dublin Institute of Technology, as promised. Audio recordings of the talk can be found here (downloadable) and here (streaming). First off, once again no Orbo was demonstrated. Most of the talk consisted of information that we’ve heard before: Steorn’s […]

What’s planned for December 17th?

Steorn has added a new page to their web site, advertising a series of talks they’ll be giving, beginning this month: Our ‘talk’ initiative is designed to give people within the technology development community an opportunity to understand the Orbo proposition and ask questions in a direct, face-to-face format. The programme of talks starts in […]

One year and counting

July 4th, 2007: The day that a small Irish company dumbfounded the scientific community and changed the world by paving the way to complete independence from fossil fuels. That’s the way Steorn would have liked to have seen history written, anyhow. Instead, the day produced just another in a long line of failed demonstrations of […]

Steorn Still Alive

…Alive enough to send lawyers my way, anyhow. The original domain name for this blog included the words “Steorn” and “Orbo”. When Steorn made it clear in their forums last year that they don’t approve of domain names that include their trademarks, I changed this site’s domain to I stopped promoting the original domain […]

Irish president visits Steorn

Irish president Mary McAleese visited the Steorn offices on October 4th.   Irish president Mary McAleese beside Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy   While this is further evidence that Steorn is still up and running, she unfortunately was not there to announce a prosperous future of free and clean energy. Instead, she was commenting on the […]

Steorn breaks its silence

After 3 1/2 months of almost complete silence from Steorn, CEO Sean McCarthy granted an interview last week which was published today at the Free Energy Truth blog. The difficult questions were left unasked, but the interview does give a feeling for what Steorn’s been up to lately. Here are some excerpts: On what they’ve […]

Established inventor validates Orbo

This week a video emerged showing the successful engineer and inventor, Thieu Knapen, discussing Steorn’s technology, which he has personally tested. His conclusion is unambiguous: Orbo generates free energy. “Then I saw things that… I didn’t believe.” Knapen founded the Dutch company Kinetron in 1984, where he invented the microgenerators used in watches that are […]