What’s planned for December 17th?

Steorn has added a new page to their web site, advertising a series of talks they’ll be giving, beginning this month:

Our ‘talk’ initiative is designed to give people within the technology development community an opportunity to understand the Orbo proposition and ask questions in a direct, face-to-face format.

The programme of talks starts in Dublin on the 17th December 2008 and will involve a sequence of talks in universities around the world, including the US/Europe and the Middle East.

After the near total lack of communication from Steorn over the past 16 months (!) since their failed London demo, it’s become clear that they’re intent on keeping out of the public eye until they’re good and ready. Is it now that time? Will this “talk” be just another pie in the sky lecture with nothing on display but a few charts and graphs? Or… is Steorn ready to show a spinning Orbo that, after all these months of perfecting, can take the heat of a public demonstration without jamming up? Stay tuned.

Update 12/10:

Further information about Steorn’s December 17th talk is found on the page pictured below, received from a member of the faculty at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at DIT. It was posted previously here but without mention of a source; I wanted to verify its authenticity before passing it on.


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