Orbo to be ‘unveiled’ on February 25th?

After tomorrow’s planned talk in Qatar, Steorn will continue the Middle East leg of its Orbo world tour next week, with a stop at Oman‘s Sultan Qaboos University next Wednesday, February 25th, according to an article in the paper Zawya.

What’s most intriguing is the specific wording of the article; according to Zawya, “[Steorn] will be showcasing its technology”, and will “unveil its ground-breaking technology” (emphasis added). This wording could be the result of poor translation (as we saw in the Qatar advertisement) or of a misunderstanding of Steorn’s intentions (reportedly an organizer of the Dublin Institute of Technology talk had expected Sean to demonstrate the Orbo at that event, too). On the other hand, it just might mean exactly what it says: that Orbo will be publicly demonstrated, for the first time, in Oman. If so, this raises the question of why Sean will not (or of whether he will) demonstrate Orbo at the Qatar event, tomorrow. In my opinion, Steorn can’t pull off many more presentations that are all talk and no show, like he did at D.I.T., and continue to hope to be taken seriously. If Sean has anything worth showing, now is the time to show it.

The full article can be found here. An excerpt is reprinted below.

A controversial Irish alternative energy company which claims to have discovered a source of free energy that defies the basic laws of physics, will be showcasing its technology at a special presentation scheduled at Sultan Qaboos University next week. Dublin-based Steorn Ltd, a privately held technology development firm, says it will be unveil its ground-breaking technology, branded as ‘Orbo’, on February 25. The event is part of a series of presentations planned at key universities in the Gulf and the Middle East ahead of the proposed commercial rollout of the technology later this year.

Steorn hopes the presentations will inspire the student and engineering faculty towards engaging with this new technology. “Our focus is on getting our Orbo technology into the hands of organizations that will push it into the market,” says CEO Sean McCarthy. “We are starting this process in the Middle East, a region with a strong energy heritage and a real commitment to the development of alternative energies for the future.” The presentation at the SQU, as well as those scheduled elsewhere around the Gulf, notably the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are expected to generate international interest, given the fierce controversy surrounding Steorn and its so-called ‘free energy technology’.

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