Steorn: “Full launch before next summer”

In an interview that appeared in Ireland’s Sunday Tribune newspaper August 10th, Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy asserts that development of their Orbo technology, as well as its testing by a jury of 22 scientists, is still on track — and that Steorn expects to launch Orbo and demonstrate it publicly before next summer.

According to Steorn, its challenge to the academic community to independently validate Orbo is continuing.

It anticipates a full launch before next summer, and says any further public demonstrations of the technology will now coincide with the commercial launch.

While this news means that Steorn hasn’t disappeared entirely and isn’t just quietly hoping for the rest of the world to forget about their physics-defying claim and the disastrous attempt at unveiling it last year, all signs are not so positive. The focus of this same Sunday Tribune article is on Steorn’s financial information for the year 2006. Amidst heavy losses of nearly €6 million and flush with €8 million of new funding lured from private investors who wanted to own a piece of the company’s claimed free energy technology, Steorn’s two directors, Sean McCarthy and Michael Daly, drew incomes averaging at least €175,000 each. A hint of fraud? Or merely enough confidence on their parts to allow them to pursue business as usual?

For us, watching from the sidelines, it certainly is business as usual: Great things are coming, according to Steorn, but in the meantime all we can do is wait.

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