Established inventor validates Orbo

This week a video emerged showing the successful engineer and inventor, Thieu Knapen, discussing Steorn’s technology, which he has personally tested. His conclusion is unambiguous: Orbo generates free energy.

“Then I saw things that… I didn’t believe.”

Knapen founded the Dutch company Kinetron in 1984, where he invented the microgenerators used in watches that are powered by the movement of the wearer and so do not require a battery. Apparently Sean McCarthy has told the SPDC that Kinetron will be manufacturing the Orbo motors to power the demo devices that are set to be manufactured to coincide with the public release of the Orbo technology.

In the video Knapen is shown commenting on an early demonstration ‘toy’ designed to display higher energy output than input, but not designed to cycle perpetually. This video was made sometime before December 12th 2006, when it was presented to a small group at the Kinetica museum; it was also long ago shown to the SPDC. However, this is the first time that the video is available to the public. The documentary style editing and peppy background beat suggest that the video was put together as a promotional piece. It was allegedly found during an unrelated Google Video search by Steorn forum member RunningBare.

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