Steorn effect replicated?

Today the Free Energy Truth blog announced that coming Friday will be an interview with someone who claims to have independently replicated the effect behind Steorn’s free energy technology. If true, this would be the first time that anyone outside of Steorn has been able to replicate the effect and talk about it publicly. Of course, after the failed demo, repeated delays, and now complete silence that we’ve gotten from Steorn, it’s reasonable to expect nothing less than full disclosure and a video of a self powered device before this claim is considered to be worth taking seriously. A successful demonstration, however, would beat Steorn to the punch and be the first display of a potentially revolutionary discovery. Further updates on this will follow as more information becomes available.

Update 8/31:

The previously announced interview has been posted at the Free Energy Truth blog; the interviewee is a man named “Blake”. Consensus on the Steorn forum is that this is Alton “Blake” Walston, a member of the SPDC who has gone by the forum handle ablaker2.

Blake claims to have followed schematics provided by Sean McCarthy and built an Orbo device that ran continuously for at least 8 hours. According to his account the precise configuration of magnets in his device required a good deal of trial and error experimentation to get right, and after its initial 8 hour run he has thus far been unsuccessful at coaxing self-sustained motion from the device a second time.

While Blake claims to be committed to getting his Orbo spinning again, and says he’ll be sure to have a video camera on hand next time when it does, as it stands now Blake has only an anecdotal account of a one-time event to offer, with no objective record of any kind that it actually took place. It’s certainly interesting to have this story brought out from the confines of the SPDC, but until Blake’s Orbo is running continuously, repeatedly, and on video, it remains nothing more than that — a story.

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