Steorn set to demo Orbo battery Friday, at Slattery’s Pub

After a series of failed or unconvincing demos in past years, followed by a long period of near silence, Steorn is set to return to the public eye this Friday with the first public demonstration of its Orbo-powered “Never Die” battery.

If it were to work as promised, this would of course be one of the most revolutionary inventions in history; in unabashed Steorn style, then, they plan on intoducing it to the world at CEO Shaun McCarthy’s favorite watering hole, Slattery’s Pub.

The sole source for this announcement so far has been on Slattery’s Facebook page. It reads, in part:

Come down to Slattery’s Pub this week and witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source. Orbo’s Power Cube is real magic.

It also features the following photo of the purported magic cube:


More coverage to follow, as events unfold (or else fail to) over the weekend.

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