Steorn back in the news; more pictures of HephaHeater

Thanks to the alert reader who let me know about this article in the Irish newspaper, The Sunday Business Post, from January 2015:

Much-scorned Steorn is refusing to admit defeat

Not too much new there, but it does give some insight into where Steorn has been getting its investment money lately, and reiterates Shaun McCarthy’s confidence that they’ll finally be putting out a product soon.

Meanwhile, Shaun has posted a few more HephaHeat related images on his Facebook page. These include this image, of what appears to be a pair of HephaHeaters in nearly finished condition:


Almost ready to ship?


For more pictures, check out this article on e-catworld or visit Shaun’s Facebook page. There, you’ll also find a video posted March 22 testing out several potential “Orbo” logos.

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