Steorn plans to demonstrate overunity today

Steorn has announced that they will be presenting the second in their series of live Orbo demonstrations today at 5pm GMT (noon eastern time, 9 A.M. pacific in the U.S.) at the Waterways building in Dublin. The talk will be streamed live on Steorn’s site.

The title for this talk is “Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction COP > 1”. COP refers to the “coefficient of performance”, the ratio of the energy output from a system over the energy input to the system. By proving that Orbo’s COP is greater than 1 (or “overunity”), Steorn hopes to show that they’ve developed a way to get more energy out than was put in — that is, to generate free energy. This is the most important claim being made by Steorn, and how seriously they will be taken depends entirely on how well they can demonstrate this claim.

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