Sean McCarthy to discuss Orbo online tomorrow

According to Steorn’s site, and an e-mail update they’ve been sending out to those of us who’ve subscribed (on their home page), Sean McCarthy will be presenting a talk about the principles that make Orbo work, tomorrow at 5pm GMT (noon eastern time, 9 A.M. pacific in the U.S.) at the Waterways building in Dublin. The talk will be streamed live on Steorn’s channel 1.

The title of the talk is “Introduction to an Orbo Electromagnetic Interaction – Part 1”, and the description is “Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, will discuss and demonstrate cancelling Back EMF in Orbo electromagnetic interactions.”

In other news, several sites and media outlets have published stories relating to Steorn’s demo over the past few days:
Rupert Goodwins at ZDNet
U.K. Press Association

Steorn also ran its recently released ad on the Arab news network Al Jazeera, perhaps hoping to attract wealthy Arab investors who don’t want to be left out in the cold in the post-oil economy:

Orbo ad on Al Jazeera

Speaking of which, in the opinion of some, the most stimulating revelation to come out of Steorn’s demo so far has been the song used in their ad. Turns out it’s called Hallucination, by the Dublin-based band Delorentos.

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