Steorn Demo to begin tomorrow, December 15th

Forum member speccy telephoned the Waterways Visitor Centre Dublin and was told that Steorn is in fact holding a demo there beginning tomorrow, Tuesday December 15th. It will be opening at 10am for invited guests and at 1pm for members of the public.

Steorn has promised to stream video of the demo over the web, and sure enough a Steorn stream has appeared on, with the description “Live Stream from Waterways Dublin of Steorn Demo”. It is currently password protected and broadcasting only a test pattern: search for “steorn”
LiveStream Steorn Channel

Steorn has also gone public with the brief ad video that was leaked to the web several days ago, posting it to their official YouTube channel:

YouTube Steorn Channel

In yet another sign that Steorn is preparing for a new wave of public attention, they have re-opened their online public forum to accept membership applications.

The Steorn public forum

Several members of Steorn’s inner circle of 300 engineers have written blog posts anticipating the impending demo:

Free Energy Truth
Cras Ex Machina
Hugh Deasy

Finally, media coverage begins with a post on Engadget, reiterating their disbelief that Steorn has what it claims:

Engadget: Steorn Invites Us to Get Real With Fairy Powered Orbo…

And, Rupert Goodwins at is hoping to stop by and check out the demo himself:

Rupert Goodwins on Steorn

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