First glimpse of the demo Orbo “whirring away” member ArcaneTests has posted an update on the status of demo preparations in Dublin. Excerpts from the post:

OK, so I got into the room and took a look. Security is one old dude checking that everyone has a “staff” pass around their neck (no photo id or anything).

In the main room they have a kind of perspex stand (could be glass) about the height of a person with three shelves coming out of it at various heights. On one of those they had one of their machines. It was whirring away, basically spinning a wheel continuously. It has no obvious connections to power, only to a kind of connector block that i assume will connect to a readout or instruments.

Pic here. Sorry it’s crappy but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. You can see the machine in the lower right, as well as the other shelves that will presumably hold two more machines.

EDIT: to explain the pic, I’m looking down from a mezzanne that has lots of computer equipment, cameras etc. the wires you see are on the mezzanine only. You can see the magic-beans machine in the lower right sitting on the stand, and two more gray-ish shelves sticking out of the stand at 1 o’clock and 9 o’clock.


The demo rig being set up, as viewed from above. Click here for full size.

A closeup of the demo Orbo.

ArcaneTests claims to “know some people peripherally involved in the demo” who told him that Steorn will be “starting a new demo next week” at the Waterways Building in Dublin.

The Waterways Building in Dublin. Google Map

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