Tour the Steorn offices

Sean posted this video today. It’s “Hats by Hobbit” day at Steorn – Hobbit being the pseudonym of one of their employees, apparently a prolific knitter. (Update: according to Sean the video was made as a thank-you to “Hobbit’s” wife, who knitted all the hats.)

Of course this could be just part of an elaborate hoax. But if it isn’t, it shows that Steorn has a real office, with real employees and a real workshop where they’re testing what looks like a spinning mechanism. The employees look to be at home here, and having a grand old time, too.

One thought on “Tour the Steorn offices

  1. The video suggests a bunch of young somewhat immature people playing a silly and expensive prank– that’s all. An “overunity device” (any process which produces more net power than it consumes) if it existed, while it might be difficult to explain, would be simple to demonstrate and prove. It’s not an unusual accomplishment to have a “real office” and a “spinning mechanism”. I could put a scam like that together in a couple of days. People are so darn gullible these days!

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