Steorn announces live demonstration, jury of 22.

Steorn has released their long promised quarter one update. It consists of a slickly produced 5 minute video of CEO Sean McCarthy in a verdant park setting answering several frequently asked questions.
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Here’s what’s new:

– During the first week of July, Steorn’s device will be given a public demonstration at a location in London. Steorn employees will be on hand to answer questions, and the event will be broadcast in real time over the web. Online spectators will also be able to interact with the Steorn representatives via live chat. While the July event had been indicated earlier, the online component is new and this public announcement commits Steorn to produce by putting their credibility on the line.

– Steorn’s “Jury of 12” scientists chosen to test the technology and release their results publicly is actually a jury of 22. Of the 5000 applicants, 1000 were trained scientists. Twenty two were chosen for their expertise and the level of “public confidence” in these candidates.

– The jury is currently in the process of reviewing the technology, and will begin testing it within “the next couple of months”.
As usual, Sean comes across as perfectly confident in the reality of his improbable technology. Looks like we’ll get one step closer to the truth come July.

6 thoughts on “Steorn announces live demonstration, jury of 22.

  1. This Steorn company and their “Orbo” technology has the same ring as the “free energy” scams of the past, IMO. 1. Their invention will save the world. 2. They just happened to stumble upon this “technology”. 3. They always keep extending their exhibition dates for their supposed “technology”. 4. Naturally, they all claim that they have broken one or more of the laws of thermodynamics.
    Now, I guess one needs to ask: Is this a scam or are these people really trying to convince themselves that they have a perpetual- motion machine? I don’t know, myself. But, I can see a whole lot of similarities to “free-energy” scams from the past. Personally, I would run from anyone making the types of claims that Steorn is making, because sooner or later, your wallet/pocketbook will be involved.

  2. M. Y. – Steorn’s own forum here has allowed plenty of criticism and skepticism, so there doesn’t appear to be any effort on Steorn’s part to prevent doubters from having their say. As far as I know their forum is closed to new members right now, but they plan on reopening it in July.

  3. About that blog here:
    — Seems that they are genuinely having difficulty with the software. I emailed them, they responded, and posted my response. You can email them also if you are having trouble with the site — you can look for the contact info on the site– I’d rather not post the email address here so as not to cause them spam problems.

  4. Interestingly, there is another blog on this topic here:
    but since I made a critical comment about Steorn it refuses to allow me to post, claiming my post was detected as spam. Uhhun. Likely story. Maybe someone else could try posting.

  5. As before, this waste of 5 minutes and a bit of bandwidth is totally devoid of meaning and substantive content. There is a promise of more revelations in July. Why should one not assume that they will be as silly, useless, and vacuous as this 5 minutes of self serving nonsense?

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