What if?

As the long anticipated July demo of their Orbo free energy technology approaches, Steorn’s silence becomes deafening. CEO Sean McCarthy dropped by the company’s online forum only twice over the past month, leaving behind a few short posts conveying nothing of substance but a general sense of confidence (bordering on giddiness) about the impending demo. […]

Orbo at Kinetica museum next week?

Take this with a grain of salt, but the following comment was left here this morning by someone calling himself “MikeDuke”: Expect news of this to break next week in the mainstream press. A working model of the orbo device is going on display in a London Museum. www.kinetica-museum.org UPDATE: More (possibly) inside information from […]

Steorn vs. the Skeptics

A rational reaction to Steorn’s free energy claim requires skepticism. Not only have centuries of attempts to engineer a perpetual motion machine been fruitless, but the very concept of free energy flies in the face of the most basic laws of nature. In the words of Carl Sagan (after Marcello Truzzi), “extraordinary claims require extraordinary […]

Interviews and speculation

Recent weeks have brought few new developments on the Steorn front, as we continue to await the July demo. Sean took part in two interviews, both of which are available online. The first interview (click for audio – interview begins 11 minutes in) was on the Dublin radio show The Last Word, where Sean revealed […]

Free energy explained

For the most part Steorn has been fairly tight lipped about the principle at work in their perpetual motion machine, Orbo. One would not expect Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy, for example, to waltz into a classroom, start up a powerpoint presentation, explain exactly how Orbo supposedly violates the law of conservation of energy, and then […]

Steorn forum reopens

The public forum on Steorn’s site has been closed to new members for the past few months, but the gates were reopened this week. If you’d like to join in the discussions there, click here to fill out an application. Also, you can use the forum’s search function to find every entry written by a […]

Steorn’s Sean McCarthy answers some questions

Steorn’s long promised first quarter update, released April 13th, consisted of a five minute video revealing a few new bits of information, but mostly just recapping what we’d already been told. In addition, what had at first been previewed as “detailed technical specifications” turned into two paragraphs of vague jargon – apparently Orbo is based […]

Tour the Steorn offices

Sean posted this video today. It’s “Hats by Hobbit” day at Steorn – Hobbit being the pseudonym of one of their employees, apparently a prolific knitter. (Update: according to Sean the video was made as a thank-you to “Hobbit’s” wife, who knitted all the hats.) Of course this could be just part of an elaborate […]

Good fortune on Friday the 13th?

Sean made a rare (these days) appearance on the Steorn forum to announce that their upcoming release of information, including the status of the jury and some of Orbo’s technical specs, is now set for Friday, April 13th. Though 2007 was one-quarter behind us by the end of March, Sean’s post indicates that he considers […]