Steorn forum reopens

The public forum on Steorn’s site has been closed to new members for the past few months, but the gates were reopened this week. If you’d like to join in the discussions there, click here to fill out an application.

Also, you can use the forum’s search function to find every entry written by a particular member. For example, use these links to bring up all entries by such notable members as:

Steorn (Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn)
SeamusF (Steorn employee, in charge of organizing the SPDC, the July demo, etc.)
Crank (Witty Irish woman unaffiliated with Steorn, forum admin who has visited the company’s offices)
Alan Designer (Steorn’s resident graphic designer)
DrMike (Trained physicist and skeptical forum member who’s been invited to inspect an Orbo at close range in July, even to tear it apart and put it back together.)

Discussion in the forums has been rather slow for the past few weeks, with insiders contributing little. Sean noted here recently that they have “a few pretty hectic weeks ahead of us”, and will not be around the forum much. The pace is expected to pick up again with the renewed media attention in early July.

2 thoughts on “Steorn forum reopens

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  2. Sean,
    Good luck with your project/product and hopefully we will all get a peek at the inner workings sometime in the near future. As for the critics, at the level you are dealing it is to be expected, although sometimes out of line. I am also sceptical since there are so many claims and none have come to full production. Perhaps not becuase it was a hoax but because of other, sometimes sinister reasons. I do offcourse secretly hope this is the real thing and wish you all the best.
    At this time of human civilisation it will be a very welcome development and could certainly free us from the suffocating grip of the power hungry!

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