Shipping update and Business Post article

On Wednesday Steorn posted on their Facebook page, in response to being asked when they will start shipping OCubes, that they “expect to have shipping clearance by the end of this week or early next week.” If this turns out to be accurate, then it lines up with the 6 to 7 week estimates that they were giving in mid-December.

Ireland’s Sunday Business Post featured Steorn in a new article yesterday. The headline is that Steorn’s losses now stand at €21 million. Steorn hopes to begin making a profit by selling its Orbo-based devices, and will soon let us know how well they’re doing:

The company expects to announce the volume of sales — and the revenue — from its first ever product range at the end of this month.

They make it clear that the future of the company is riding on how satisfied their investors will be by the market’s response to the products they’re releasing:

…the company is dependent upon support from its shareholders for its continued existence. In the event that future shareholder support is not available the company will cease to trade.

UPDATE: After writing Steorn a couple days ago to ask if shipping would take place in the next week as planned, they responded:

There are several issue[s] around packaging, logistics etc we’re finalising at the moment, we expect to start shipping in the next several days, we’ll give you an update in the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

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