Media coverage of Steorn product launches

A few stories have appeared in the media covering Steorn’s recent launch of its first products, the OCube and OPhone. Today’s copy of the Dublin paper the Sunday Business Post carried this article:

Sunday Business Post article, Dec. 6 2105. Click to enlarge.

Not much new there, other than the fact that Steorn is “happy” with the orders they’ve received (though they won’t say how many that is).

In addition, Tech Cocktail ran a piece on the product launch on Dec 2nd.

So far as I know from the experiences of three people who have attempted to place an order with Steorn (myself included), orders have not yet been accepted. In my case, after sending an e-mail to (as instructed in the second webinar video) on December 2, I first received an automated response:

Thank you for your interest in Orbo technology. We will respond to your email within the next 24 hours.

I then received an e-mail the next day, stating:

Hi xxxxxxx, thanks, as I’m sure you can appreciate there is a high level of interest and we are working our way through everyone. Could you please let us know your shipping address and we will revert tomorrow with estimated shipping and delivery details etc?
Best regards,
The Orbo Team

I replied with my shipping address, but did not hear back the next day as they indicated I would, and it has been the weekend since. We’ll see whether the order process proceeds as the new week begins.

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