Second webinar set for December 2nd

Steorn has announced on their Orbo Facebook page that a second webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, December 2nd. According to Steorn, “the webinar will include user testimonials, an overview of some products in development and details on how to purchase the O-cube.” The registration page for this webinar can be found here.

In other news:

– Steorn has also posted to their Facebook page a new promotional video “tease”, in which “#ogirl” (model Rachel Wallace) has several people on the streets of Dublin tell the camera that “the battery is dead” in various languages. This appears to be part of Steorn’s “viral marketing” campaign for Orbo. I’m not sure how effective it will be to use sex appeal to attract attention for a supposed new technology that already has enormous credibility issues to overcome, but Steorn has a pattern of defying expectations (and, perhaps, logic).

– On Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook page, William Hand asked Shaun a number of technical questions about the new, electret-based solid state Orbo at the heart of the PowerCube. Shaun replied:

I am assuming that your questions are based on the ‘leaked’ video of the private webinar. While it is true that we use electrets the whole thing is a gross simplification of how we build out systems, basic physics would tell us that in a system like this, all the free electrons will gather on one plate in any closed circuit arrangement – hence creating a ‘one shot’ system. The example cells and descriptions are for demonstrative purpose only, building such a system would lead to a very frustrating experience! So the questions don’t really apply!

– In the first webinar, Shaun McCarthy named several companies that are said to be testing the Orbo PowerCube. The name of one of these was not clear to me from the webinar audio, but a reader from Dublin reports that the company in question is Black Bear Clothing, which specializes in selling clothing at flea markets.

Finally, some news and rumors from our source in Dublin:

– Green party leader and former Irish Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan was asked whether his department had investigated Steorn’s claims. While he did not explicitly answer the question, his attitude toward Steorn seemed somewhat hostile. He leveled an indirect criticism at Steorn by stating that he “had organised the painting of the second law of thermodynamics” on the wall outside of his ministerial office.

– Irish electric appliance maker Glen Dimplex is rumored to be in talks with Steorn. Glen Dimplex’s products include heaters, and Shaun McCarthy did state in the recent private shareholder video that Steorn will likely soon be looking to apply its technology in that area, which is already supposedly being addressed by spin-off company HephaHeat.

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