Steorn live webinar to offer Orbo PowerCube demo on October 28th

Exciting news courtesy of this announcement at Free Energy News:

Steorn is planning a live webinar on October 28th, to discuss and demonstrate their new Orbo PowerCube device. According to the announcement, Shaun McCarthy will be answering questions, “The various components of the Powercube will be shown and how they work together will be explained”, and most intriguingly, “there is also a possibility the Powercube will be offered for sale” at some point during a planned series of webinars, of which this will be the first.

All are invited to register for the webinar, and may do so here by entering a first name and e-mail address.

After years of silence followed by a series of occasional hints and glimpses that something was going on behind the scenes, this is the most exciting news we’ve seen from Steorn in a long time. Their track record for public demos has been discouragingly poor thus far, with the disastrous Kinetica demo of 2007 being followed by the unconvincing Waterways demo of 2010. If this demo likewise fails to be compelling, then, even though they don’t have much credibility left with outside observers, they still have something they’d stand to lose: the remaining confidence of their private investors. In a recent Irish Sunday Times article, Shaun McCarthy stated that “We are way behind and I would say the underlying feeling of shareholders is one of frustration. We didn’t expect to still be here at this stage of development.”

If they produce another spectacular failure, this just might be the end of the line for them. On the other hand, providing a convincing demo, by itself, isn’t likely to gain them much. Only when (and if) Orbo makes it out there onto the market, and is able to be torn apart and tested by many other people, will the scientific and business communities start taking them seriously. If that’s what Steorn is about to do, and if they manage to pull it off… well, that would change everything.

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