February update

On January 30th, Steorn finally demonstrated free energy. Or at least, they say they did. What they showed was a couple of lines on an oscilloscope that, according to Sean, demonstrates to their target audience of potential technology developers that more energy was coming out of Orbo than was going in. As for the qualified engineers debating the demo on the forums, it doesn’t appear to have changed anyone’s opinion one way or the other about whether Orbo is the real thing. The full final demo can be seen here: Part 1 Part 2.

What happens next? As usual, Steorn has set deadlines for themselves, only to then push them further and further back. The current calendar is as follows:

February 1 — 28:

— The Orbo is available through the 26th for third-party testing by anyone who has booked an appointment to do so.

— The SKDB has been opened to a select group of potential developers.

— Calorimetry testing of Orbo by an independent group continues.

March 1st or later (probably later, given Steorn’s track record):

— The SKDB will be opened to anyone willing to pay €419.00 ($613.00) to join.

— Calorimetry and other test data will be publicly released, as well as information about successful replications that have supposedly already taken place.

It’s become increasingly apparent that Steorn itself is not going to prove that Orbo produces free energy. Once again, this could be taken in one of two ways: Either as evidence that Orbo doesn’t produce free energy, or as acknowledgment that no matter what kind of spinning contraption they show, even if it didn’t involve a battery, there would still be room to doubt their claims. Instead, if Orbo does put out more energy than it takes in, it will be up to an army of engineers to prove it, as they develop Orbo for commercial applications.

As usual, the more that’s revealed the greater the mystery becomes. Steorn may have already demonstrated free energy, we just won’t know until it’s repeatedly verified over the coming months (and maybe years), or once this verification fails to occur. For now, the only perpetual motion Steorn’s shown is the ability to perpetuate this process indefinitely.

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