Looking ahead

Here’s what’s coming up in Steorn’s future, from what they’re telling us:

  • Yesterday, Steorn opened up their “developer’s club” (called the SPDC) to an initial group of a
    couple hundred people, selected mostly from the membership of Steorn’s online forum. The SPDC will eventually be where any engineer who wants to develop a product using Steorn’s technology can go to learn how to do it. In its initial stages, though, members are not finding out how Orbo works; they are instead vetting the educational material on magnetics that Steorn is developing, to act as a primer for engineers who want to learn about their technology. Exactly when Steorn will reveal how their technology works to the SPDC is unknown, but it is expected to be well before they release the information to the public.
  • At the end of the first quarter of 2007 (ie., the beginning of April) Steorn will release an update on the progress of its jury of scientists. They will also release certain specifications of their Orbo technology, such as its ratio of volume to energy produced. They will not yet release information about how it works.
  • Starting in the first week of July, Steorn has plans to display several of their devices publicly, both in the U.K. and in the U.S. The locations are unknown, but (according to Sean McCarthy) have already been reserved. That specific week was chosen because it will coincide with a worldwide series of concerts put together by Al Gore and featuring a long list of musicians, with the purpose of raising awareness about global climate change. Steorn hopes to ride the press’ interest in issues concerning clean energy during that week.
  • Steorn has contracted a manufacturer to produce a simple and small device to demonstrate their effect. 100,000 of these will be manufactured, and released to the public around the time that the jury of scientists is done validating (Steorn hopes) their technology.
  • All of the above is intended to raise awareness and acceptance of Steorn’s bold claims, and once that’s done, Steorn plans on licensing their technology to any companies that want to incorporate it into their products.
  • Steorn is also working on an Orbo powered water pumping system that they hope to provide to third world villages at no cost. They may begin deploying these before the jury of scientists has finished validating the technology.

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